Haunted Nashville™ established itself in the Nashville haunted house scene as “One of the Top 25 Must See Haunted Attractions in the Nation” as rated in 2010 and 2011 by Haunted Attraction Magazine.  It’s slogan of “WHY SETTLE FOR THE SAME OLD ROUTINE? CELEBRATE WITH US, WHERE IT'S ALWAYS HALLOWEEN!gave cheery insight to its vision as a massive and highly detailed haunted environment that was great for a wide range of sensibilities and ages (recommended 8+).

If you tend to steer clear of haunted house attractions to avoid the profusion of sadistic, homicidal scenes that most provide, then Haunted Nashville™ is probably for you! A totally original adventure, Haunted Nashville™ provides an interactive pageantry of the paranormal, where science fiction and history collide in a strikingly unconventional aesthetic. Venture into mysterious, unexplained ghost stories that define the spirit of Halloween. Haunted Nashville™ consists of multiple walkthrough haunted house attractions that evoke the charm and romance of nineteenth-century macabre.”

Its 2011 season allowed guests to explore the hair-raising Turbidite Manor™, a decrepit 1890s estate reassembled with special technology that enabled ghostly encounters. Curiosity could get the better of you as you neared The Vault™, Haunted Nashville’s mysterious nerve center, from which control of natural and supernatural forces was derived by The Collective. Then audiences braved the House of Distortion™, an intimidating journey through the electrical, the metaphysical, and the harrowing within a lost display from the 1897 Tennessee Centennial Exposition.